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We have reached the End!

So we have arrived at the end of The not so True History of America adventure.  We hope you enjoyed following along with us and that your quilts are ready to be sashed and bordered.

We published the finishing instructions in our email last Tuesday with a direct link to the instructions so if you did not receive our email you should try signing up for our newsletter.  The newsletter always includes the latest and greatest in quilting fabrics and notions along with video links and tips for better quilting.  Try the newsletter and see if you like it!!

Here is the link to the finishing instructions:


Have fun finishing your quilts and keep looking at our blog for a new quilt along coming in the new year.

Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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The not so True History of America- Block 8

Monday, November 20, 2017 11:39 AM

The Pony Express is block 8 and boy are we thankful that we have such easy access to everything quilting today.  We get impatient just waiting for new collections to arrive or for a day off so we can go shopping.  Can you imagine weeks or months waiting for fabric or supplies so you can start your projects.  Modern living does have its advantages- sometimes!

Click this image for a download of the pattern for the Pony Express block.


If you have been sewing along with us here is the link to the fabric kit for the Pony Express blocks.  


There is just one more week left in the sew along and that is the finishing instructions.  There will be a finishing kit available as well so that way you can have a completed quilt!  

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Sewing!

The Quilt Place

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The not so True History of America- Block 7

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 1:52 PM

Our not so True History of America continues!

Lewis and Clark are on a grand adventure.  Check out their story as well as the directions for block 7!  


If you are following along with us this is the next to last block that will be released.  We will then follow up with the finishing/setting directions.  The adventure is almost done hope your blocks are looking great!


Our blocks continue with the utmost in patriot, red, white and blue!  If you would like to use our colors feel free to order a kit for this block and for any of the others as well.

We hope all of our veterans have a special weekend this weekend.  We appreciate your service and sacrifices that you have made.

Keep sewing!

The Quilt Place

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The not so True History of America - Block 6

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 12:29 PM

Not so True History of America

How many times have you sewn something together to realize, to late, that you had misread part of the directions.  We, as quilters, have all made that mistake at one time or another.  What have you done to use those blocks that may have been made in error?  Do you fret and fume or do you make the most of it and sew on?  We hope that those orphan blocks have found a home and that if they haven't yet maybe they will someday soon.  

Enjoy The War of 18-12!


Click this image for access to the downloadable pattern.

If you are sewing along in the same color way as we are here is a large image of the block and the link to the kit.


Enjoy sewing your blocks,

The Quilt Place

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The no so True History of America, Block 5!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 2:17 PM

The newest block in our sew along is called, Stars and Stripes!  To be honest, stars, stripes, or any other prints would look fabulous in this block.  You can be really creative with the coloring and if you are careful with the choices the block can truly look 3D!  This versatile block could be used in any number of quilt settings other than this current quilt so get creative and have fun trying different settings and colorways.  

We would love to see what you have created! Email images to

Click the image below to link to the pattern-


If you would like to sew along with us in the same colorway that we are using pick up a kit!


Remember that this block will be available for download for two weeks.  Save, print or store it before then so you can have it for future use.

Have fun sewing, Stars and Stripes!

The Quilt Place

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