Seams always seem to give many of us trouble. 

How accurate are your seams?

Well it all depends on the fabric, thread, machine and feet that we use.  

Do you test your seams?  Have you checked in the past but haven't in a while?  Are your blocks not coming out accurate?  

Let's look at what we can do to ensure that our seams are 1/4".

First cut 3 squares 2" x 2".  Check that they are an accurate 2 inch square before you sew a stitch.  

Sew the three squares together in your usual manner.  Don't do anything different or you will not be  testing your seams.  If you sew extra careful or with a different foot than usual you are not giving yourself a true test.  


Once the two seams are sewn press to the inside square.  Remember to press and not iron.  The seams do end up with a slightly raised feel which is correct.  When we iron, really flat, it actually distorts the seam.


Once the block is pressed you are ready to measure.  This small block should measure 5" exactly.  If it does, perfect, you have a quarter inch seam allowance.  If it does not, measure your seam and see where the adjustment needs to be made.  Is the seam too large or too small.  Then change where your needle position is located or which foot you are using.  Retest and save the settings so that you are ensured to have a good 1/4" seam all the time. 



Remember that accurate seams lead to correctly sized blocks which make for happy quilters!


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