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Use those precut patterns with your yardage.

Thursday, July 20, 2017 8:00 AM

Sewing_Machine_Clip_ArtStash, we all have it!  We all say we are going to use it. But, many patterns on the market and in magazines use precuts.  Can we use our yardage for those precut patterns? Of course!

So where do you begin?  

Let's start with 10 inch squares.  Most packages of 10 inch squares come with 42.  That means most patterns revolve around that number.  To use yardage you then have to think as close to 10 as you can get! 1/3 of a yard is 12 inches so you can get 4, 10 inch squares, from each 1/3.  11 fabrics at 1/3 a yard will yield 44 squares- perfect.  If you want less variety in the fabrics use 5/8 of a yard which measures 22 1/2 inches.  You can then cut 8, 10 inch squares, from each 5/8 of a yard.  Now, 6 fabrics are all you need to yield the 42 squares.IMG_4717_3_

What about Charm Squares?  Those wonderful versatile 5 inch wonders. To get the most variety in your home made pack of 42 a 1/4 yard cut is the go to size. Each 1/4 yard will yield 8 squares.  The remaining 4 inches can then be cut into strips for binding or borders.   charm


Now on to 2 1/2" strips!  Most patterns call for 40 strips.  So, 1/4 a yard would yield 3 strips, therefore you would need 14 fabrics.  3/8 of a yard would yield 5 strips, so 6 fabrics would work.  Finally, 1/2 a yard would yield 7 strips (make sure the half yards haven't shrunk) which would require only 6 fabrics.


So start shopping that stash and creating something beautiful!  

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Use it for all of the patterns found in, Imagine by Nancy Halvorsen


Enjoy and Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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The Math!

Thursday, July 6, 2017 1:53 PM

We have been busy here at the shop creating finishing kits and blocks for this years shop hops.  The hardest part is always, you know that word a lot of us try to avoid, math!!  What if you had a handy set of numbers to use for your calculations?  Using our hand held devices, such as phones, tablets or even a pencil,  and some quick measurements we can create masterpieces.

So what numbers do we need?

Let's talk half square triangles. 

 We all use them in all sorts of fantastic ways.  They are probably the most versatile building tool we all can master.  But when we design our own blocks how big do we cut the squares to use for the traditional method of half square triangle creation?


Just add 7/8 of an inch to the size you want the triangle to finish.

If you are using a calculator you can just use .875 as the number to add.

For example:   If you want the half square triangle to be a finished 1 inch in                               your quilt cut your squares 1 7/8.

                        If you want one to  finish 1 1/2 inches then just add 1.5 + .875=                           2.37. This then converts to 2 3/8 for the cut size.

Here's a helpful fraction conversion chart for when you use those pesky fractions on your device:

How about quarter square triangles?

This time you just add 1 1/4 inches to each finished size.

So if you want 1 inch finished quarter square triangles you cut 2 1/4 squares.


Now how about setting triangles?  Those wonderful side triangles and corner triangles to make beautiful on point quilts.

Side/ Setting Triangles

Take the finished size of your block and divide by 1.414.  Round this number up to match a common number found on most rulers.  Then add 1 1/4 to that number.  Cut a square of fabric the number you just calculated and cut on both diagonals to get the side triangles. Yields 4 side triangles.

Corner Triangles

Take the finished size of your block and divide by 1.414 just like the side triangles.  Round up.  Then add 7/8 to that number.  Cut a square of fabric the number you just calculated and cut on one diagonal.  Yields 2 corner triangles.

So now the question is what quilt will you design with your new found knowledge?

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Just Keep Sewing, 


The Quilt Place


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