The newest block in our sew along is called, Stars and Stripes!  To be honest, stars, stripes, or any other prints would look fabulous in this block.  You can be really creative with the coloring and if you are careful with the choices the block can truly look 3D!  This versatile block could be used in any number of quilt settings other than this current quilt so get creative and have fun trying different settings and colorways.  

We would love to see what you have created! Email images to

Click the image below to link to the pattern-


If you would like to sew along with us in the same colorway that we are using pick up a kit!


Remember that this block will be available for download for two weeks.  Save, print or store it before then so you can have it for future use.

Have fun sewing, Stars and Stripes!

The Quilt Place