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The not so True History of America- Block 4

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 12:00 PM

We are so ready to begin our sewing adventure again.  Irma, Harvey, and Maria have certainly enhanced the awareness of how we should be thankful for every day and for all that we have.  We look at the history of this great nation and notice just how many times we have stood strong and recovered from so many different events and disasters. So take out your fabrics, cutters and machine and let's start sewing again!

Block 4- Tea Party!  


Click this image to download the pattern.  


Pick up a kit to sew along with us in the same patriotic colors we chose!

So take out your fabrics, cutters and machine and let's start sewing again!

The Quilt Place!

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The not so True History of America- Block 3

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 2:09 PM

The not so True History of America continues!

We are having so much fun sewing up our blocks and we hope you are too.

Reflecting on our history today reminds us that there are historical events happening this very day in our country.  Our hearts and prayers go out to all that have been effected by this horrible weather event.  We hope that as you sew up these blocks you remember to keep in mind those who may not be able to sew at this moment and perhaps help in any way that you can.


Click the image above to download the pattern.  This pattern will only be available for the next two weeks so print or save it while you can.


If you would like to sew in the same colors as we are there are kits available for only $19.95 per block set.  

This block requires 8 in the finished quilt!

Keep sewing,

The Quilt Place

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What to do with those 5" Charm Squares

Thursday, August 24, 2017 8:00 AM

5" Wonders!

Charm packs are like candy aren't they? They sit there in pretty packages with colorful edges and just call to us!  We can't help but pick some up.  But what do we do with them?


In our search for all things charm pack we discovered this fabulous reference chart released by Moda.  We absolutely love it!  Blocks and geese, how many, and how to use all in one friendly format.  It even gives how many squares you get from yardage so that background calculation will be easier.

Check it out and print yourself a copy as a reference.  It is a great tool to keep handy.  The image here is a link to a printable page so feel free to share with friends as well.

st_charm-pack-cuttingSo break out those charms and start something new today!

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Thursday through Saturday

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Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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How accurate are your seams?

Thursday, August 17, 2017 8:00 AM

Seams always seem to give many of us trouble. 

How accurate are your seams?

Well it all depends on the fabric, thread, machine and feet that we use.  

Do you test your seams?  Have you checked in the past but haven't in a while?  Are your blocks not coming out accurate?  

Let's look at what we can do to ensure that our seams are 1/4".

First cut 3 squares 2" x 2".  Check that they are an accurate 2 inch square before you sew a stitch.  

Sew the three squares together in your usual manner.  Don't do anything different or you will not be  testing your seams.  If you sew extra careful or with a different foot than usual you are not giving yourself a true test.  


Once the two seams are sewn press to the inside square.  Remember to press and not iron.  The seams do end up with a slightly raised feel which is correct.  When we iron, really flat, it actually distorts the seam.


Once the block is pressed you are ready to measure.  This small block should measure 5" exactly.  If it does, perfect, you have a quarter inch seam allowance.  If it does not, measure your seam and see where the adjustment needs to be made.  Is the seam too large or too small.  Then change where your needle position is located or which foot you are using.  Retest and save the settings so that you are ensured to have a good 1/4" seam all the time. 



Remember that accurate seams lead to correctly sized blocks which make for happy quilters!


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Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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The not so True History of America- Block 2

Monday, August 14, 2017 1:53 PM

The not so True- Block 2

Believe it or not it is time for Thanksgiving.  Ok, we know it is still summer but the Thanksgiving block is here.  We are officially ready to start sewing block 2 of The not so True History of America quilt. 

Please remember that just as the holiday seems to be over before we know it this Thanksgiving block will only be available to download for 2 weeks.  Get it while you can!

Click this image for the download


If you are interested in sewing along in the same colors as we are, patriotic colors, pick up the kit that includes all of the fabric you need for the 4 blocks necessary in the quilt.


We hope you are having fun with this so far and we are looking forward to seeing what you have made.  Send us a photo if you can to and perhaps you will see it posted here in the blog next week!

Keep sewing and make sure to check on Thursday for a special sale only posted here in the blog!

The Quilt Place!

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