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A New Appreciation for Batiks

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 1:09 PM



We love batik fabric.  We carry thousands of bolts here in the shop with more arriving weekly.  We now have a new appreciation for batik making after watching this video.  

Batiks are a wonderful group of fabrics that have a wide following here in the states. Most are made overseas and this video is produced by the Peranakan Museum Singapore showing Javanese Batiks.  It is amazing to see the detail and painstaking efforts put into each and every piece.  

The next time you take a look at all of the thousands of Batiks in our store perhaps you will remember that someone took the time and energy to stamp/paint each and every design! This is why no two yards are exactly the same in color, design, and pattern.  Amazing.


Speaking of amazing we had an amazing response to the first block of  

The not so True History of America 

and we had several great comments and questions.  Thank You!


We would love to answer a few of the questions:

You do not have to sign up in any way for this Free sew along.  

Every two weeks a new block will be released and the old block retired so be sure to download and save or print the block during the two weeks it is available.

Blocks will be presented in the newsletter and available here in the blog.

Kits are for sale at the store and on the website if you would like to sew along with us in the same colors.  The kits include enough fabric for all of the required blocks of that type.  Kit for block one includes enough fabric for all 8 blocks. Just order online and we will ship it out right away.

Deal of the Week!

 August 10-August 12

No Sign Up Fee for any

 Block of the Month Program!

Over 40 to choose from!

We just finished our shop sample of the Batik Block of the Month, 

Forest Floor

It is striking and so very vibrant!


We'll keep sewing and so should you,

The Quilt Place

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017 2:28 PM

Welcome to

 The not so True History of America 

sew along.

A totally FREE event by The Quilt Place.

Finished quilt will be a "mystery" which measures 90" x 90"

Every two weeks we will be presenting a new block and some "historical" information for you to enjoy. 

You can download the block by clicking on the black and white image provided here!

Each block will be available to download for two weeks and then the next block will be introduced so make sure to save when you see!!Block1Monochrome

You can download this intro as well by just clicking on the image.


We have started our "mystery" quilt in the, very historical, red, white, and blue but you could use any color you would like!

There are 8 of this block in the finished quilt.  

If you would like to sew along in the same colors we have chosen kits for each block are available for $18.95 with FREE shipping.

Block One Kit  


So please join us for this whimsical adventure into the world of 

The not so True History of America!

Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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Do You Wash Your Quilts?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 4:19 PM


Are you afraid to wash your quilts?  Many quilters are and we are here to help.  We are always looking for the latest and greatest ideas for preserving all of our hard work and wonderful creations. While we were reading the recent news from Moda we ran across a great passage by Carrie Nelson discussing her opinions on this topic and we are going to pass on her wisdom!  Thanks Carrie and Moda for such great insight!

"Question of the Week ~ Do you wash or clean your quilts?  If so, do you have any special tips to share?

Yes, I wash my quilts.  I love the way they feel and look after they’ve been washed, all soft, squishy and quilty. 

There have been some discussions lately about colors running and excess dye, and despite all the vibrant, saturated colors I like and use, I’ve had very few problems over the years, and none in the last ten or so.

This is what I do:

  • Only one quilt in the washer at a time.  (Unless they’re really small.)
  • Use a large-capacity washer, or one that easily fits your quilt with room to spare.
  • Wash in cold water.
  • Use the setting that fills the washtub with water – water-flow is important.
    • Note: High-efficiency washers can be part of the problem with colors running-bleeding as there isn’t much water in the washtub to disperse-dilute any excess dye.
  • Use a soap or detergent that does not contain any fragrance, brighteners, whiteners or fabric softeners.  Orvus is what I’ve used for years.  It is often sold in shops as “quilt soap” but I get large containers at the feed store.  (It’s used to bathe-shampoo livestock.)
  • Remove the quilt from the washer as soon as the cycle ends.
  • Dry with heat – some heat.  If you have a clothesline, dry the quilt until “almost dry” in the dryer, then line dry.  The weight of a wet quilt is hard on the fibers."

So wash those quilts and enjoy their beauty for years to come!

Speaking of washing quilts we have just finished this fabulous quilt called French Roses.  This close up picture of just one section of the quilt shows the frayed edges of the applique flowers.  This quilt had to be washed to create the cottage cozy feel that it so easy displays.  


This week is our 5th Saturday Bag Sale for all of our local customers who have purchased the bag.  If you would like to know more about this sale please give us a call and we can explain it!

For our far away friends we have a special

Internet Sale this Weekend.  

Saturday, July 29th 

Order $100 of Merchandise and get $25 off!

That is right it is a huge $25 automatic coupon that will show in your cart when you proceed to checkout!

Thanks for Reading and Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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Use those precut patterns with your yardage.

Thursday, July 20, 2017 8:00 AM

Sewing_Machine_Clip_ArtStash, we all have it!  We all say we are going to use it. But, many patterns on the market and in magazines use precuts.  Can we use our yardage for those precut patterns? Of course!

So where do you begin?  

Let's start with 10 inch squares.  Most packages of 10 inch squares come with 42.  That means most patterns revolve around that number.  To use yardage you then have to think as close to 10 as you can get! 1/3 of a yard is 12 inches so you can get 4, 10 inch squares, from each 1/3.  11 fabrics at 1/3 a yard will yield 44 squares- perfect.  If you want less variety in the fabrics use 5/8 of a yard which measures 22 1/2 inches.  You can then cut 8, 10 inch squares, from each 5/8 of a yard.  Now, 6 fabrics are all you need to yield the 42 squares.IMG_4717_3_

What about Charm Squares?  Those wonderful versatile 5 inch wonders. To get the most variety in your home made pack of 42 a 1/4 yard cut is the go to size. Each 1/4 yard will yield 8 squares.  The remaining 4 inches can then be cut into strips for binding or borders.   charm


Now on to 2 1/2" strips!  Most patterns call for 40 strips.  So, 1/4 a yard would yield 3 strips, therefore you would need 14 fabrics.  3/8 of a yard would yield 5 strips, so 6 fabrics would work.  Finally, 1/2 a yard would yield 7 strips (make sure the half yards haven't shrunk) which would require only 6 fabrics.


So start shopping that stash and creating something beautiful!  

Last Chance Sale!

Today through Saturday July 22 is the last chance to get the special preorder price on the Bree Fat Quarter Bundle!

Delivery is expected this week!

Regular price is $123.50

Special price $98

Get one today!


Use it for all of the patterns found in, Imagine by Nancy Halvorsen


Enjoy and Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

Thursday, July 13, 2017 2:06 PM

Sewing_Machine_Clip_ArtIn Stitches

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the shop.   The fabric is on the shelves, the samples are sewn, and the staff is ready to celebrate. 

We cannot wait to show you all that we have assembled!


This Saturday is our Christmas celebration.  

We have sold out the spots for Goodie Bags but everyone is welcome to share in the savings!

All regular priced Christmas items will be 20% off

That is all kits, patterns, fabrics, and more!

Speaking of Holidays and sewing we have a excellent new product in the store that could help make your holiday sewing easier.

Have you tried the Moda, Cupcake Mix and Cake Mix, recipe packs.

These handy packs help use either 5 inch squares or 10 inch squares and simple paper piecing to create lots of perfect half square triangles useful in so many wonderful quilt patterns. The packs each come with 44 printed, "recipe" cards ready for you to sew and go! 

Here is a great example from one of the Cake mix packs:


We have several different types available in the store and encourage you to try at least one and see what you think.

By the way---

We do have some new items coming to the shelves that may encourage your use of the Cupcake Mix recipes.

Here's just a taste of what's to come:


Just keep sewing,

The Quilt Place

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