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The Math!

Thursday, July 6, 2017 1:53 PM

We have been busy here at the shop creating finishing kits and blocks for this years shop hops.  The hardest part is always, you know that word a lot of us try to avoid, math!!  What if you had a handy set of numbers to use for your calculations?  Using our hand held devices, such as phones, tablets or even a pencil,  and some quick measurements we can create masterpieces.

So what numbers do we need?

Let's talk half square triangles. 

 We all use them in all sorts of fantastic ways.  They are probably the most versatile building tool we all can master.  But when we design our own blocks how big do we cut the squares to use for the traditional method of half square triangle creation?


Just add 7/8 of an inch to the size you want the triangle to finish.

If you are using a calculator you can just use .875 as the number to add.

For example:   If you want the half square triangle to be a finished 1 inch in                               your quilt cut your squares 1 7/8.

                        If you want one to  finish 1 1/2 inches then just add 1.5 + .875=                           2.37. This then converts to 2 3/8 for the cut size.

Here's a helpful fraction conversion chart for when you use those pesky fractions on your device:

How about quarter square triangles?

This time you just add 1 1/4 inches to each finished size.

So if you want 1 inch finished quarter square triangles you cut 2 1/4 squares.


Now how about setting triangles?  Those wonderful side triangles and corner triangles to make beautiful on point quilts.

Side/ Setting Triangles

Take the finished size of your block and divide by 1.414.  Round this number up to match a common number found on most rulers.  Then add 1 1/4 to that number.  Cut a square of fabric the number you just calculated and cut on both diagonals to get the side triangles. Yields 4 side triangles.

Corner Triangles

Take the finished size of your block and divide by 1.414 just like the side triangles.  Round up.  Then add 7/8 to that number.  Cut a square of fabric the number you just calculated and cut on one diagonal.  Yields 2 corner triangles.

So now the question is what quilt will you design with your new found knowledge?

Being we are inspired by measurements this week our in store 

Sale for Saturday, July 8th

20% off Any One Regular Priced Ruler!

Just Keep Sewing, 


The Quilt Place


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What to do with those Scraps!

Thursday, June 29, 2017 8:00 AM

In Stitches

We know you probably have scraps.  Ok, actually we are sure you have scraps!

What do you do with them?

Do you choose to sew them randomly together in a fun, unique pattern or do you sort and store them for future use?

We love to take the free quilt patterns offered by many fabric companies and convert them to use our scraps.  

Just a few links to wonderful, and free, patterns are listed below:

We also love to use templates that are designed for scraps such as the mini pineapple trim tool, the log cabin trim tools and the cats cradle tool, by Creative Grids.   

Many of you already own those tools and many others, so break them out and create something scrappy today!  Or if you do not own these tools yet check out their videos below to see just how much fun you could have with your scraps.

So get that bin out from under your bed and start sewing today.


Blog Super Saturday Sale

This Saturday, July 1st

In store only


That is right, buy one regular priced book and get one FREE!

Hundreds to choose from.

Just mention the sale and you get the price!!

Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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Welcome to Hop Season!

Thursday, June 22, 2017 10:09 AM

Welcome to Hop Season!

Hop season is officially here and we are excited about all 3, yes I did say 3, hops that we are participating in!

First up is the Row by Row Experience!  June 21st through September 5.   This fun and free adventure is now a world wide experience.  All you need to do is visit a participating shop and pick up your free pattern for a row!  No sign ups and no fees,  just get a pattern and explore the shop you are visiting.  There are prizes available so make sure to check the Row by Row website for all the details.

Next up is the Brevard Shop Hop.  This hop runs from July 8th through July 15th.  Seven Brevard quilt shops are participating and promises to be great fun on a local scale.  All you need to do is visit each shop and fill out their fun scavenger hunt type questions to be entered into a drawing for Gift Cards to each shop!!  You will also get to pick a discount ticket at checkout for one item you are purchasing!  Discounts range from 10% - 40%.  It's a fun mystery but worth it for a great discount!

The final shop of the season will be a Central Florida Shop Hop, July 21st through August 5th.  This Star Hop will be a passport hop which will have 17 shops participating.  Purchase a passport from your local shop for only $5!  This passport will gift you with a Star Block at each shop.  This gift  is a 9 1/2" block pattern and the Toscana by Northcott fabric to make the block.  What a great value- 17 blocks for only the $5 passport fee and the chance to visit each of these wonderful shops!  Passports will increase in price after the hop begins so get yours early and plan your trip! 

This weeks super sale!!

To get the word out about our new blog we are having another 

Super Saturday Sale this week June 24th!

Spend $60 or more on any merchandise and get a $20 gift card to use on your next purchase!  WOW!!! 

So spread the word and let others know that the BLOG is here and that everyone should be reading it!  You never know what amazing specials or information you may find.

While we have your attention let us share one of the newest and we have to say prettiest Block of the Month quilts!

Mystical Prism using Timeless Treasures Tonga Batiks is amazingly beautiful and the promotional images that we have seen in magazines and online do not do this quilt justice.  Our shop kit just arrived for us to make a sample and we had to share the progress.  The BOM is taking sign ups now and will be shipping soon.

Take a look at a few sneak peeks!




Simply Stunning!  

Sign up today!

Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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In Stitches BOGO FUN!

Thursday, June 15, 2017 8:00 AM

Who doesn't love a                         BOGO!  

A true BOGO, not a buy one get one half or 20% off but  

Buy one Get One Free!!

We love BOGO too!

This Saturday, June 17th, we are having an extra special, in store,

BOGO for our blog readers!!!




The sale is for one day only so make sure to get all that you need and perhaps a few extra too!!

While you shop, be sure to check out our vast collection of notions and thread to help you sew together those kits!

**For our online customers put two or more kits in the cart and get 50% off. **


Do you have a quilt that you have always wanted to create? 

 One quilt that we have been asked about more than any other is a Tee-Shirt quilt.

What makes the Tee-Shirt quilt unique is the fact that most of the time you are sewing with one of a kind items that are precious to the person you are creating the quilt for.  They tell a story, a history, of the person who wore them.  

So how do you create a quilt that will stand the test of time? 

You take your time to get to know the person you are creating the quilt for.  Know their favorite colors, patterns and textures.  Are they modern or traditional?  Any information you can have about the person the better.


What pattern do you use?  

So many people are afraid that a Tee quilt has to be created using a, "Tee-Shirt Quilt" specific pattern.  Not true.

Any pattern that features larger squares that can be featured will work.  It should be a pattern with fewer seams so the quilt does not become too bulky.  

Some perfect examples would be-

 What do you do to stabilize the shirts?  Our recommendation is to use Shape-Flex.  It is an iron on woven stabilizer designed for knits and other stretch fabrics. This will stop the Tee from curling and from stretching when sewing. Just iron the Shape-Flex to the back of the section of the Tee that you want to cut out.  Then cut to the size you desire.  

Then just get started.  Enjoy the process and love the smiles of the special person the quilt was created for.

Until next time.

Keep Sewing,

The Quilt Place

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In Stitches is Back!

Thursday, June 8, 2017 3:31 PM

We are so excited to be blogging again.  Many of you may remember our long ago blog entitled- In Stitches!  

Well, we are back!  And living in the memory of our past have kept the same name.   What better way to celebrate all that there is about sewing and quilting but with some stitches between friends.  We hope you can join us weekly while we discuss new and unique things that we have discovered in the quilting world or at least in our own shop!  Find out about one of a kind products, events and even tips on a weekly basis.  We hope you join us regularly.

Something new that you may have noticed on our home page is that we are now advertising, "Coming Soon", products.  For example the Hummingbird Lane kit.  It will be a hot item here in the store so we wanted to give our customers a chance to reserve their kit before it arrives.  Have you noticed that magazines always advertise products long before you see them in the shops and then by the time it arrives it is sold out before you can get it?  Well we believe that we can help- order it when you see it and we will have it packaged and shipped as soon as it arrives in the shop! 

Our other exciting bit of news relates to our sister shop, Fabric, Fabric, Fabric.  This is our small, "outlet", shop that offers fantastic prices on the high quality quilt fabric we all love.  Nothing is ever priced over $8 at Fabric, Fabric, Fabric and they receive new merchandise on a regular basis!!  They have their own website at: You should give it a try!

The exciting news this week is they just brought in all 133 colors of Fossil Fern!  That is right all 133 colors.  If you love Fossil Fern now is the time to stock up on all of your favorite colors.  We are also attaching a link to a free pattern for you to see how much fun you can have with this very unique collection.

That's all for today!

Keep sewing,

The Quilt Place

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